Wrap-up; The End is (almost definitely) Nigh

The end is nigh. Or at least, the end for my enforced presence on this blog. For those of you not aware, this blog was created for my Composition II class. I was assigned to post reviews of books that I had read for the class, post updates on my life and reading, and to make comments on the blogs of other students and users.

Overall the my blogging experience this semester has been mediocre. That said, I also think that this has been one of the better ways of handling assigned reading for a class, and it is certainly more organic than taking a test on a book. These advantages notwithstanding, the necessities of using this as a piece of classwork got in the way of organic enjoyment and interaction. For example, having to comment on specific blogs was unpleasant, especially for someone like myself, who tends to be a “lurker” in online communities. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except for the requirement to comment on specific blogs. Without this, I would have wandered from blog to blog until I found a post that struck my fancy. But as stands, I had to make something to say for blogs that I really didn’t have anything to say about. Buuuuuut I do realize that having required groups is essential to making this premise work.

I don’t expect to continue using this blog. As of right now, there is nothing here on wordpress that makes me want to switch from Tumblr, where I already have a writing related blog (albeit a very underdeveloped one, focusing more on amateur essays than book reviews). That said, I don’t plan to delete this blog. It seems unlikely that this blog will be of future interest to anyone, but that’s what Anne Frank thought, and look at her diary now. If nothing else, I don’t see any reason to destroy this bit of information. If you know me in person and want the name of my Tumblr blog where I may continue writing, I will happily give it to you, but I don’t feel like linking it here for all the world. If you come across this blog in the future, you are welcome to ask for my Tumblr, but I make no promises.

So to summarize, if you are some visitor from the far-off future, this blog is probably dead, and if I am still writing it is probably on a Tumblr blog somewhere. And no, they don’t have the same names. There is (I think, I hope) no connection between the two blogs.

So with that, farewell!

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5 thoughts on “Wrap-up; The End is (almost definitely) Nigh

  1. I agree with you! I think blogging about the books we were reading was much better than having to take tests. I also thought that having to comment on a post you don’t really have anything to say about is kind of awkward. I enjoyed how passionate you were when reviewing a book, though!


  2. I thought that you were very motivated to read and do this assignment this semester! Because you went above and beyond on your reviews, they were interesting to read. Hope you have a good summer!


  3. I really enjoyed your reviews this semester. I think I may have enjoyed this assignment a bit more than you but I can relate to some of the sentiment you express here. Im glad you’ll continue writing on your tumblr because I think you really have a gift for it. Good luck!


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